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Tailormade Turnkey solutions

Software Applications Safety and Control

Hardware fabrication

Turnkey solutions

  • Safety and control solutions for cranes: 
    – Overload and load moment limiter systems
    – Height and slew limiters
    – Load monitoring
    – Anti collision systems

  • Force measurement solutions
    – Overload protection
    – Datalogging

  • ATEX CCTV systems and bird eye view camera’s
  • Gas detection and rescue systems
  • Industrial weighing
  • Tailor made loadpins and loadcells
  • Remote data access with datalogging and analysing

Safety and Control

  • Safe load indicators
  • Safe load limiters
  • Overload protection
  • Crane fixed objects anti-collision
  • Crane to Crane anti-collision
  • Crane control
  • Rail excavator – rated capacity limiter
  • Wireless load measurement
  • Remote control
  • Tank weight control

Installed solutions

  • mobile cranes
  • construction machinery
  • rail based machinery
  • port equipment
  • offshore equipment
  • super cranes


Industrial weighing

custom made solutions

We specialize in creating custom-made industrial weighing systems designed to meet your specific requirements and industry needs. Our custom solutions ensure precise and accurate weighing measurements, allowing you to maintain quality standards. It can include advanced features such as data logging, connectivity options, automation, and user-friendly interfaces to enhance productivity and ease of use.

Container weighing on:

  • STS
  • RTG
  • straddle carriers
  • Reach stacker
  • Mast boom cranes – ATEX

ready made solutions

Our ready-made weighing solutions are carefully selected and tested to deliver reliable and accurate weighing results, saving you time and effort. Our weighing systems are designed for easy installation and immediate use, allowing you to quickly integrate them into your processes without complex setup procedures.

  • Wheel loaders
  • Shovels
  • Forklift
  • Excavator
  • Forest equipment

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