Product Information Manager

what we offer


PIM is short for Product Information  Manager. Within the PIM we centralise information of all products of PAT-Kruger Group for easy and correct reference. It is a dynamic environment where new products and services will be added as soon as available.

The information is divided in:
  • Parts – datasheet of a part with specific number that can be used for ordering
  • Quotation – each part has a button to add to “basket” that will be send to our sales team for follow up. We will send quotation with latest prices and validity of one month.
  • Solutions – descriptions and brochures of standard solutions that can be directly used or modified for your specific requirements
  • Manuals – some videos and manuals of our products and services 


Product Information Management (PIM) of PAT-Kruger systems handles the central management of all products of PAT-Kruger group.  PIM refers to set of processes used to evaluate, identify, store, manage product data or information.  PIM facilitates the central management and maintenance of entire type of raw data, product content or any related information for one or more products of PAT-Kruger group.