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World wide installation and maintenance

Force sensor repair and calibration

PCB Repair and Software upgrades

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World wide installation and maintenance

We provide services worldwide, ensuring that we are able to provide installation and maintenance support wherever your operations are located. Our team consists of 14 experienced field service engineers, 3 dedicated service managers, 5 specialized system specialists, and 6 highly trained software engineers, guaranteeing expertise across various domains. With years of experience across diverse industries, we understand the specific requirements and challenges of different sectors, allowing us to deliver targeted solutions that meet your unique needs.

Force sensor repair and calibration

Our calibration machine is certified by a notified body and conforms to standards set by EN7500-1 class 1 testing machines. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of our calibration processes. We offer precise calibration services for force sensors and indication equipment.

PCB Repair and software upgrades

Our technicians are proficient in component-level repairs, allowing them to identify and replace faulty components, maximizing the chances of successful repairs. Our team is specialized in PCB repair, with more than 40 years possessing extensive knowledge and experience, we can handle a wide range of circuit board issues. We specialize in system upgrades and can provide a 1 on 1 replacement, or a new system to improve the performance, functionality, and efficiency of your existing systems.