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DSx30 is PAT-Kruger in-house developed digital system for safety and control of mobile heavy duty machinery. With the DSx30 software platform we are able to cover a wide range of solutions and it also enables us to tailor-made to individual machinery requirements and set-ups. The applications range from winch force control to full overload solutions of lattice boom cranes. For your requirements and detailed information please contact [email protected].

DSx30 software benefits are:

  • proven software with over 500 installations in the field
  • easy to use
  • intuitive blok diagram interface
  • pre-defined superblocks are debugged and allow for short development time
  • requires limited programming skills
The software has different level of access which enables management and maintenance by the end-user:
  • calibration level for regular maintenance by end-user own staff (training available at request)
  • parametric level allows adjusting application settings
  • programming level enables to create new applications

DSX30 available hardware platforms

Generally a DSX30 application consists of an PLC, display, force sensors, encoders, angle and length sensors. The controllers like joysticks, pedals can be used from the existing installation or will be supplied as required. PAT-Kruger represents a number of first class brands with whom we have ensured seamless integration of their products.

Today we are proud to offer the following hardware setups both focussed on different markets:

DS130 is the hardware platform for land-based equipment. Performance level D and EN13000 type of installations.
DS330 is the hardware platform for marine and offshore equipment. The PLC comes with DNV certification.

Both hardware solutions have multiple options for connection with other PC’s / PLC’s  such as Ethernet or CANbus interface

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