When heavy duty machinery needs custom made solutions


When heavy duty machinery needs custom made solutions

Secure lifting, pushing, pulling and skidding

Wherever heavy weights need to be moved by either lifting, pushing/pulling or skidding, you simply cannot rely on a pair of human hands and eyes to guarantee peopleโ€™s safety and avoid damage to objects. As system integrator, PAT-Krรผger combines a broad range of sensors with innovative, in-house developed software and hardware for customized safety and control solutions in demanding environments.

TAILOR-MADE solutions

Our existing offering includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Safe load indicators
  • Safe load limiters
  • Overload protection
  • Crane to fixed objects anti-collision
  • Crane to crane anti-collision
  • Crane control
  • Industrial weighing systems
  • Rail excavator – rated capacity limiter
  • Wireless load measurement
  • Remote control
  • Remote data access
  • CCTV camera systemsย 

Industrial weighing

Besides moving heavy loads in a secure way, companies also call on us for solutions with regard to weighing systems. Our container weighing solutions include STS, RTG, straddle carriers, reach stackers, mast boom cranes (ATEX), wheel loaders, shovels, forklifts, excavators and forest equipment.

Data management

Our data-based solutions, that are currently being launched and which are partly based on the use of Internet of Things (IoT), will include:

โ€ข Real-time asset management
โ€ข Operational analysis
โ€ข Remote data access
โ€ข Adjustable warnings per channel
โ€ข View of historical data (secure and private) in the cloud
โ€ข Performance analysis
โ€ข Geographical locations map

โ€˜EPPPICSโ€™ approach

Designing customized heavy duty safety solutions by integrating sensors with innovative, in-house developed software and hardware is only part of the process. After all, implementing tailor-made high-tech safety solutions takes a lot more than wrapping it up and sending it to customers. In fact, this is just the beginning of an โ€˜EPPPICSโ€™ lifecycle that consists of the following stages: Engineering | Procurement | Production | Programming | Installation | Commissioning | Service. Once a solution reaches the end of its lifecycle, which may take many years, we will simply start all over again with the same dedication and commitment. As you will probably agree, there is no industry like the heavy duty industry!


To develop our own unique sensor system to handle almost any challenge in safety and control. Put us to the test.

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